Responsive Judge Blogs

Mobile is the future. That is was what we heard more than five years ago, but the blogs network is finally catching up... What changed? You might have seen that various sites on the network have a new theme, e.g. Magic Judge News or Official Resources. These sites are also optimized to display their content better for devices with a smaller screen, mainly speaking of phones, but also tablets or maybe even your smartwatch. Pages that adapt to this are called responsive. The most obvious change

October News

Hey all, It has been a bit quiet around the Judge WordPress Network, but I would like to provide some updates on the things we are working and focusing on right now. I will try to keep these updates more regular and thus hopefully make sure that everybody who frequently writes content on the network is up-to-date with the most recent changes and development. Welcome Jack and Steffen! We already posted this on the WordPress User Group, but no harm in repeating this here as well: joined the

Why Blog on

While houses close to 100 total blogs, some judges choose to set up their blog somewhere else, such as BlogSpot or Tumblr.  This is totally fine, of course - I'd never tell someone they HAVE to blog with us.  However, I do want to make sure  potential bloggers understand some of the benefits that being on can provide over those other systems. Blogs on  Are easier to remember and find. - Nobody has to remember if you're

Judge Blogs launches its official theme

So far the only available theme on the network has been the Twenty Ten Theme, released by WordPress itself. We still like the simplicity and style of this theme, but also reached certain limitations when it came to developing future features of the Network. Thus we decided to take the current theme and adapt it to our specific needs. The result is the Twenty Ten Judge Theme!