Sheldon Menery

Sheldon Menery was a beacon of powerful leadership in the Judge Program.

From the time he was promoted to Level 3 in 1998 and started judging regularly on the Pro Tour to the time he retired from active judging in 2011, Sheldon was the leading proponent of shaping what fair play meant at the professional level.

His aggressive pursuit of a higher standards rippled through both the player and judge communities, helping create what we think of as the modern judge. He developed strong relationships with the Pro Tour players and became their most trusted advocate within the Judge Program.

Within the Judge Program, he created the spheres concept, was a significant factor in judge level redefinition, and was the first judge to lead the Investigations Committee.

After retiring from judging, he was selected as a member of the Pro Tour Coverage Team, on which he served until stepping aside in 2013 to return to college.

While he may always be remembered as an icon of tournament level judging, he had a rules guru side as well. He popularized the online judge Q&A, first writing his “Ask the Judge” column on Star City Games in 2000. He maintained the Gatherer Rulings database from 2004-2007, and continues to field rulings questions on a regular basis.

His community contributions are numerous, the most significant of which is pioneering EDH (now known as Commander). He brought the most social of all formats to the judge community and with their help, made it into the most popular casual format of all time. He is a founding and current member of the Commander Rules Committee and commonly regarded as the public face of the format.

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