The 2008 Class of the Magic Judge Hall of Fame

Earlier this week we announced the first voted class of the Magic Judge Hall of Fame, the 2008 Class, covering judges certified in 1998 and earlier.

Congratulations to the 2008 Class:

David Vogin

David Vogin

John Carter
Washington (USA)

John Carter
Washington (USA)

James Lee
Washington (USA)

James Lee
Washington (USA)

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting detailed bios for each of these judges, with stories from their career and details of their impact on the history of judging and Magic. If you knew some of these judges and want to contribute, reach out to us at

Full voting results

First name Last name Percentage
David Vogin 74.00%
John Carter 70.50%
James Lee 41.10%
Mark Brown 25.30%
Beth Moursund 21.90%
Juan Del Compare 20.00%
Steven Zwanger 20.00%
John Shannon 16.80%
Paul Barclay 12.50%
Jeff Donais 12.50%
Alfonso Bueno 11.60%
Dan Gray 9.40%
Cyril Grillon 9.40%
Scott Larabee 8.30%
Matt Tabak 8.30%
Chris Zantides 7.30%
Charlie Catino 6.30%
Justus Rönnau 5.20%
Jakub Wysoczanski 5.20%
Nat Fairbanks 3.20%
Mike Donais 3.10%
Ingo Kemper 3.10%
Mark Rosewater 3.10%
Ryan Dare 2.10%
Matthias Nagy 2.10%
Eric Smith 2.10%
Abde Allala 2.10%
Thomas Bisballe 2.10%
Savvas Themistocleous 2.10%
Donald Barkauskas 1.00%
Elaine Chase 1.00%
Marc Hernandez 1.00%
Frank Jager 1.00%
Scott Lelivelt 1.00%
Tim Weissman 1.00%
Tom Wyliehart 1.00%
Karl Batdorff 0.00%
Eric Bess 0.00%
Sergio Borrias 0.00%
Alex Charsky 0.00%
David Doust 0.00%
William Edwards 0.00%
Michael Feuell 0.00%
Ron Foster 0.00%
Paul Gerardi 0.00%
Theophile Guimbelleaux 0.00%
Neil Guthrie 0.00%
Robert Hall 0.00%
Lutz Hofmann 0.00%
Mountain Hung 0.00%
Matt Hyra 0.00%
Shawn Jeffries 0.00%
Martin Jordö 0.00%
Eric Lawson 0.00%
Luigi Lo Forti 0.00%
Michael Mason 0.00%
Jean Baptiste Mathieu 0.00%
Aaron Matney 0.00%
Lee McLain 0.00%
Mark Morimoto 0.00%
Aaron Moshiashwili 0.00%
Barratt Moy 0.00%
Chris Page 0.00%
Tony Parodi 0.00%
Ray Powers 0.00%
Dorian Redburn 0.00%
Ken Roth 0.00%
Douglas Saadeh 0.00%
Luca Simone 0.00%
Geoffrey Turi 0.00%
Pasi Virtanen 0.00%
Mattias Wåglin 0.00%
Thom Walla 0.00%

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As a reminder of the rules, judges appearing on less than 10% of ballots (in yellow) for three consecutive rounds of voting will be removed from future ballots.

In addition, there are a few updates on the Magic Judge Hall of Fame. See below for these.


We mentioned at launch that each inductee would get a memento of their entry into the Magic Judge Hall of Fame. That’s still true, and we’re working with Wizards of the Coast to choose something that’s just right. We’ll announce more details once they’re ready.

Bios project

One piece of feedback we received about the first round of voting was that, even with the help of the Magic Judge Hall of Fame JudgeApps forum, some voters who hadn’t been around for as long found it hard to research the eligible judges. This was a particularly hard ballot due to the long time since some of these judges were active.

We’ve taken that on board and are starting a project to provide short bios for as many candidates as possible. Watch this space for more details on that.

Updates to timings for future ballots

After some feedback, we decided to move the close of voting dates for the two announced waves (the 2011 Class and 2014 Class) back, from Fridays to the following Mondays. This is because many voters are attending Grand Prix on Fridays and may miss their final deadline; by moving to Mondays we hope to make it easier to ensure that everyone gets a chance to express their voice.

Updates to the list of eligible judges

Due to improvements in how we were looking for former Level 3 judges, we have identified many more eligible candidates. Some of these were certified in 1998 or before, but not before the 2008 Class window opened. We will be adding those judges to the ballot for the 2011 Class.

About David Lyford-Smith

David has been a Level 3 judge since 2010 and is the Regional Coordinator for South Africa & the British Isles. He was a contributing author to the modern Missed Triggers policy and the Judge Code of Conduct, and is the head of the Player Experience Sphere.
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