Judge Blogs – a 2016 Year in Review

2016 was another great year for Judge Blogs, following the trend with another year of record traffic. In 2016, judge blogs (those hosted at blogs.magicjudges.org) fed almost 600,000 unique users a total of 1,665,202 pageviews. The Rules Tip Blog (led …
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Ensoul Artifact & Dromoka’s Command

At Pro Tour Origins, I was asked the following rules question: Alice controls a enchanted with .  Nadia casts , forcing Alice to sacrifice an enchantment and, for lack of a better mode, choosing to put a +1/+1 counter on the …

Why Blog on MagicJudges.org?

Sure - you can blog about judge stuff anywhere... so why choose to do it on MagicJudges.org?
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5 Myths About Level 5 Judges

I've been a Level 5 Judge for about three and a half years now, and in that time, I've worked with judges and interacted with players from all around the World.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to …
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Celebrating 5 Years of #mtgrules

  Today marks the 5 year anniversary of one of our favorite projects - the #mtgrules chatroom! #mtgrules was created because we wanted to separate the two roles of the original judge IRC channel #mtgjudge: a place for judges to …
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Judge Crossword Puzzle

I wanted to do something special for the GP Sydney judges when I went down under recently, so I put together this crossword puzzle to distribute to the staff. A big goal of the crossword puzzle is to promote discussion …
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The Magic Judge Exemplar Program

Earlier today, Andy announced the Magic Judge Exemplar Program.  This program is months upon months in the making, with many of the most vested minds in the program working on it, and I'm really excited to share more information with …

Confirmed: No Grand Prix Judge Foils in 2015

An announcement about the new Exemplar Program was recently posted. (JudgeApps account required.)  It contains the following line: in 2015, judges foils will only be available as part of the Exemplar Program. This blog post is meant for one primary …
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What Happened in Round 16?

I've gotten quite a few questions about what went down during round 16 of Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx in the match between Jamie Parke and Guillaume Wafo-tapa, and Jamie's amazing tournament report reminded me to get this out there …
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Downgrade for What

Music can be great .  For example, the following musical masterpiece, 'Turn Down for What' has inspired my good friend and to team up and bring you a quick summary of IPG-supported downgrades. So push Play, read on, and get …
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