The Layer Song

Who ever said layers weren’t fun?  Paul Smith has recorded this great little tune to help you remember them!

Copy layer, control layer, text and type a changing layers, colour layer, skillset layer, power and toughness stuff.

CDAs and set my size and change my size then counters size then switch my front and back end round and now that’s layers done.

Interaction happens, in a different way, when we have effects that live together in a layer.

CDAs all happen, then timestamps all get checked, be careful of dependency and you’ll be L2 yet.

And now we find the secret layers, player layer, game rule layer, and at last I’m out of layers get on with your game.

Be sure to check out Paul’s video series, Magic: the Judging.

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One Response to The Layer Song

  1. bimmerbot says:

    Glad I had the subtitles! 😉

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