Take That!

[[This was originally a Facebook note I wrote way back in 2007]]

Last night I received a mug – a mug purchased in Denmark by a girl from Finland, who gave it to a Finnish magic player, who gave it to a judge from Germany, who brought it to New York for Worlds but never ran into me, so he gave it to the Tournament Organizer from Minnesota, who shipped it back to his Minnesota store, where a judge from Wisconsin picked it up and walked it down to the local card shop to end its epic journey by delivering it to me.


The mug is a souvenir from a concert she went to on the same day that I closed on my house, and we had both been looking forward to the day for a long time. Its journey speaks highly of all the people in the magic tournament community who would be willing to help transport a fragile box like that around the world, in addition to the fact that a girl I’ve met in person only once would think and care to get me something from said concert.

Thank you to everyone involved – I love it!!!

And now, seven years later, this is still the mug I drink tea from every day.  Last week, it told me it wanted a little fresh air.


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