Interview With New L2 Aukusti Koivu

Welcome back to Journey of Discovery!  This week Raoul Mowatt brings us an interview with new L2 Aukusti Koivu!

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 19 years old chemistry major from the Frozen Wasteland to the North, also known as Finland.

My favourite thing about Magic is definitely the rules. Especially when it comes to the mind-melting corner cases, like the interactions of Hive Mind and Possibility Storm in an 8 player Two Headed Giant EDH game 😀

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of judging and to Magic itself. I started playing midway through M15 and first started to think of becoming a judge around Battle for Zendikar, finally getting my certification in May of 2016. My most precious Magic moment is when I won a game of EDH with Hedron Alignment 😀

What got you interested in becoming a L2?

My mentor for L1 conspiring with my L1 friend. Not long after my certification, said friend came to me and just plainly said “L2 in the fall!”. After a little discussion turned out that it was my mentor’s idea and that we were to become L2s together. That was the start and after about six months of work I finally got to actually taking the test.

Another big motivator was my then L0 friend with whom I worked with to get him to L1. This made me realize that I really love mentoring people and thusly my motivation towards L2 jumped through the roof.

What was your journey to L2 like?/What were some of the challenges you faced during your journey to L2?

My journey was relatively easy, mainly made so by my fellow judges who managed somehow to not denounce me :D.

At first competitive environment seemed stressful and I was very uncomfortable as I didn’t yet remember the IPG very well. However, this was due to me being such a fresh judge, and as my experience grew, so did my confidence. Also it didn’t hurt to come across not one but two L3s during this time and getting serious and constructive feedback from both of them :).

What advice do you have for aspiring L2s?

Don’t rush it!! This is my most valuable lesson that I’ve learned. This holds especially true for those like me, who are new to judging. When I first thought that I was ready and wanted to take the test, I had been a judge for roughly three months. Now I might have passed the test, yes, but I wouldn’t have been ready for actually being L2, not even close.

Judge more events. I believe that experience is the best teacher. At least for me, seeing the interactions and rules play out helps me visualise and remember them later.

Talk with other judges. It doesn’t matter whether they are newer or older than you, just talk with them about Magic, judging and about life in general. Ask them for feedback and give it in return. Nobody is perfect and talking about things can only help you.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for getting you to L2?

I would like to thank the Finnish judge community as a whole. There have been many great people helping me along the way.

Nevertheless, two people deserve special thanks, L1 Kalle “Nalle” Saleva and L3 Charlotte Sable. Nalle was the aforementioned friend who planted the idea of L2 in my head and has been a great support beam before and after. Charlotte was the one who certified me, so you got her to blame :P. In all seriousness, Charlotte was HJ at my first Comp REL event and has been a great asset along the way. I couldn’t have done this without either of them.

What is next for you now that you’ve made L2?

Well, if you ask Nalle, he’d say L3, but I think I’m satisfied for the moment. Now I’m going to focus on upholding my rules knowledge and helping new L1s grow into their new role as well as help aspiring L0s get their level.

Congrats, Aukusti!

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