New Warden in Sweden

After serving as Warden since the very beginning of the warden program, Patrick Ericsson has decided to step down, up and possibly sideways to concentrate more on global program projects as a Level 3. Luckily, it was easy to find a replacement who can surely continue Patrick’s good work. I am pleased to announce that Kevin Moore is the new Warden of Sweden!

You can’t see it, but his pants are red

You can’t see it, but his pants are red

Here is what you absolutely need to know about Kevin:

“Kevin started playing magic during the Scars of Mirrodin block, and then 9 months later in June 2011 decided it was time to start judging as well. After a couple of years of judging events in Canada he finally took his L2 test just before boarding a plane and moving to Sweden. Since then, he’s spent time travelling around Europe to judge at every GP he possibly can. Outside of magic he works as a programmer making video games. In his spare time he can be found plotting the eventual annexation of Sweden as the next Canadian province.”


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