New regional forum

As you have probably noticed, our old regional forum at has gone offline. This wasn’t intentional – somebody just forgot to pay for the domain registration.

However, during the past six months it has become obvious that the forum no longer fills an important role for our community. The Facebook group has become the place for informal discussion and announcements. Official announcements and article-style content are posted on this blog. JudgeApps forums are the place for program-wide discussions and topics.

However, there’s still a need for a regional discussion forum that is accessible to those who are unwilling to use Facebook for whatever reason. Therefore, we are moving our regional discussions to JudgeApps. This will be the new home for regional announcements, project updates, etc. Links to regional event applications are welcome as well, and I will post reminders about GPs that need more applications. We will also have a separate L2+ only forum.

This forum will go live on October 6th. One of the first topics you will find there is an announcement about the regional Level 2 maintenance process. See you there!

Finally, a big thank you Andreas Quvang Jepsen for creating and hosting the forum, and to everyone who has helped with admin tasks over the years!

Johanna Virtanen
RC in the North

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