Nordic Autumn 2018 Conference – Meet the presenters!

The nordic autumn 2018 conference is almost upon us, and we’d like to showcase you the different presenters and schedule this time around!

10:00 – The venue opens

Move some chairs, make some coffee and mingle among the other participants. Catch up with old colleagues and tell the tale of that interesting rules question that arose during the latest Commander-night.

10:30 – Johanna Virtanen

Johanna Virtanen – State of the Region:
The latest news from the RC’s “desk”.


11:00 – Valdas Kalvis
or Jonas Breindahl

Valdas Kalvis – Community building and maintenance:
Community is what drives people to invest time and stay around. It can be the greatest asset or the greatest obstacle. We as judges often are prominent figures in local communities (be it just a judge community, a community at your LGS or your country’s player base). With great power comes great responsibility: we have the authority and we can use it to influence communities for the better or for worse. Sometimes even things minor to us can have huge impact on communities. We’ll talk and share our experience, good practice and general ideas on what we us judges can do build and to maintain communities we are in.

Jonas Breindahl – What is the Exemplar Program and why are we not using it?:
What is the exemplar program and how was it created? What are the guidelines and how is it used now? This presentation looks at the history of the exemplar program, how it currently functions, and together we will discuss how the program is used in our region, and how we could use it better.

12:00 – Jonathan Johansen
or Gunnar Olai Dahle Sivertsen

Gunnar Olai Dahle Sivertsen – Your first Competitive event:
Judging events at competitive REL is quite different from judging at regular. This seminar is intended to give some handy practical pointers and explain some of the philosophical differences between the two enforcement levels.



Jonathan Johansen – USC: Minor/Major and propriety – what’s OK to wear and say:
Unsporting Conduct is where Judges have a lot of leeway with regards to what is acceptable and what isn’t. We will walk through what the MTR and IPG have to say, specifically touching on the difference between USC: Minor and USC: Major. Most of the seminar will be interactive, testing your own judgement on questionable sleeves and playmats, player comments, and similar situations. We will pay special attention to how minority players can feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at our events.

12:45 – Lunch

Some delicious swedish appetizers with a complete lunch will be provided for hungry judges! If you didn’t manage to tell the whole story from that Commander-night, you can continue to do so now.


13:30 – Olle Liljefeldt
Charlotte Sable

Olle Liljefeldt – Insufficient Shuffling:
A clear definition of what sufficient shuffle is has always been lacking in the rules documents. This seminar aims to give you better possibility to identify insufficient shuffle, as well as addressing the risks of not taking those seriously. We will discuss why mana weaving is allowed and what pile shuffling adds besides a way to count the cards. If time permits we will have a look at some shuffling cheats that results in what appears to be a shuffled deck.

Charlotte Sable – Beyond Interactions:
How many times have you learned a card interaction but not understood why it works the way it does? Have you ever realized after the fact that a hard rules question you faced was related to another interaction you already knew the answer to? This presentation will teach you how to approach the rules more systematically so that your knowledge can apply to a broad range of calls.

14:30 – Håkon Gulbrandsen
or Martti Tolvanen

Martti Tolvanen – Roles of MtG judges in a major tournament:
Judges can have different, specific roles and tasks in huge tournaments (as in GPs). In major local tournaments (Nationals or other multi-judge premium tournaments) fewer judges need to multi-task in these roles. I will discuss the roles and the skill sets needed in each in tournaments of various sizes. I will also ask the audience of stories of interesting experiences in each role, so please start thinking about something to share during my presentation if you have judged in a major tournament yourself. Caveat: I have not judged in a GP myself, so my information is based on online sources and interviews of fellow judges.

Håkon Gulbrandsen – Missed Triggers:
Missed triggers are among the most common causes for judge calls during tournaments. Having the knowledge to resolve these situations correctly and in a timely manner is therefore important for you, the players, and the tournament as a whole. This seminar aims to teach you everything you need to know to handle different types of missed trigger scenarios at competitive REL.

15:30 – Patrik Fridland

Patrik Fridland – Workshop Contest:
Tired off sitting down? Feel like it’s time to use those knowledges you have? Are you a team player that wants to fine tune your deck checking skills and are you good at puzzles? If not, we still invite you and your team to our workshop. Here you and your team will test your skills and hopefully learn something in the process. And maybe find the hidden message in the process.

17:00 – Eskil Myrenberg

Eskil Myrenberg – Afterwork Fun:
As always, Eskil has constructed something which is both fun and educational! We still don’t know what it is, but you’ll surely like it!

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