Nordic L2 mentoring project statement

A few weeks ago we wrote an email to all the members of the project, asking them to answer a few questions. We have since then summoned up those answers and analysed them, and sadly come to the conclusion that our members don’t have the resources right now needed for the project to be viable. Therefore, affecting immediately, this project will be put on ice.

What does that mean for our candidates?
Nothing changes, at least that is the goal right now. Those working with a mentor will continue working towards their L2 recommendation, either with the same mentor or with another. If you are already one of our candidates and you do not know what to do, please send us an email to our normal address:


So what really changes?

We won’t be taking on any new candidates, working on new content or trying to improve on the project right now. Nothing is being scrapped or thrown away. Everything is being stored for the day when enough judges have the will and possibility to pick up where we leave off.

Right now we are handing back the full responsibility to keep fostering and mentoring L1s on their road towards L2 to all our region’s judges, especially the L2s and L3s. Please be available to help your fellow judges. We are all part of this family, this Cult of Self Improvement, so let’s make sure we all get the chances we need to get there!

Loyal and true, always / Tarpan

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