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RPTQ Stockholm 2016-02-28

Another RPTQ has been played at Dragon’s Lair in Stockholm, featuring a judge team consisting of myself, Kevin Moore and Filip Söderholm. For me, it was an interesting for one reason in particular: the number of players. As the player …
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Nordic Region Mentoring

Judging can be hard, and with a region as large as ours it can be difficult to find a judge nearby with the ability to mentor you. Hopefully those days in our region are nearing an end with the launch …

RPTQ Stockholm 2015-11-07

This past weekend, the region’s third RPTQ took place at Dragon’s Lair in Stockholm. I had the honor of being head judge, employing the talents of Eskil Myrenberg and Linda Johansson to take care of 50 players from around Europe. …