Judging in the Nordic Region

The “Europe North” region of the judge program consists of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. National borders, language barriers and the Baltic sea separate us from each other, which means that events are often small and judges have few opportunities to work together. We stay in touch through online forums and annual conferences. Also, winter is coming.


We organize two regional conferences per year, often one in Sweden and one in Denmark or Finland. Conferences are usually one day events featuring judging-related seminars and workshops, plus a dinner and some gaming. Conferences are great opportunities to meet your fellow judges. They are open to anyone who is interested in judging.

In addition, each area within the region is encouraged to host a mini-conference with focus on Regular REL and social activities.

Regional Projects

Europe North – Blog – A project for members that maintain and publish content for Europe North blog, the very site you are reading right now.

Nordic Judges Swag team – A project dedicated to designing and distribution of a regional shirt and other things.

Rules Question group for NorskeMagic.com – A group for judges that want to create scenarios for use on NorskeMagic.com.

Spørg din dommer – Danske Magic Judges – A project to create and mantain a Facebook page for answering Danish players’ rules questions.

Europe North – Translation project – A project for translating documents to the languages spoken in the Europe North region.

Event Staffing

In general, staffing for MCQ’s in the North is handled by the chosen tournament organizer. Often the TO hires a L3 Head Judge and the HJ is then responsible for recruiting other judges. Judge calls are often, but not always, posted on the regional forum. Other events are usually handled in a similar way, but these events are usually Head Judged by experienced L2 judges.

MagicFest staffing

MagicFest staffing is handled via JudgeApps.

Local events

Staffing for local in-store events often handled directly by the store. Some stores may post judge calls on their local forums or FB groups.

Judge testing

Level 1 testing

Any Level 2 can conduct Level 1 testing. See Judge Apps for pre-test requirements. If you don’t know who your local Level 2 is, we recommend contacting either the Warden of your subregion or the Regional Coordinator.

L2 testing

Level 2 testing is handled by Level 3 judges. Contact the Regional Coordinator about L2 testing opportunities (also if you wish to test at a GP outside this region).