NW Logo Contest!

Welcome Judges of the Northwest, to an Iconic Contest! Today we'd like to start our region off with something fun: a contest! One of the things many other regions have done is create an individual logo- something the region can put on items to represent themselves, and, being such a spread out region, we felt we could do well with a logo of our own. Therefore, we're going to open it up to all judges of our region as a contest, to design, create, and innovate a logo to represent the Pacific

Welcome to the Northwest Passage!

Welcome to the NorthWest Passage! Judges of the USA-Northwest! Welcome to the Northwest Passage, a blog where we discuss the latest happenings in our region and work to connect our geographically separated region. We plan to use this platform to provide news, updates, and random bloggings about all things related to our region. Our region is one of the most diverse and geographically isolated regions in the judge program. We have judges separated from major cities and stores by large distances.