Returning Level 3 Candidacy Prerequisites

Candidates who wish to return to Level 3 after an absence of no more than five years must meet the usual Candidacy Prerequisites, with the following exceptions:

  • Must be a Level 2 judge in good standing with Wizards of the Coast and the Judge Program (a full 12 months at Level 2 is not required).
  • Only one Level 3 recommendation is required instead of the usual two.
  • The Team Lead Certification is not required.
  • Self-review must include, in addition to all qualities of Level 3 judges, a statement of the ways in which you have taken steps to resolve the issues that led to your decision to step down.

All other Candidacy Prerequisites are required as normal.

The Level 3 Testing Manager will have the option to waive the Pre-Event Interview and/or panel interview for returning candidates.

Passing the Level 3 written exam is required as normal.

This page written by Daniel Kitachewsky and Jeff Morrow.