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Since early 2013, several judges of the nicely growing judge community of Rhein-Main (Frankfurt and surrounding area) regularly meet.

This meeting is not like a conference, where some judges present their views on topics to other judges to learn. It’s more of a friendly evening in a bar or restaurant; with dinner and drinks. Since us friends happen to be judges, or interested in judging, it so happens that the talk often moves to judging topics sooner or earlier, what a coincidence!

Since I started bringing a few situations that i find interesting myself, other judges also started to bring situations, be it rules questions which occured or policy questions which a judge is not so certain about. We discuss those things, some details more lengthly than others, and I write down some notes to share the insights with other judges too.

For me, it’s important that not only our local community advantages from the meetings. My aim is to educate others too. Even If we don’t come to a conclusion that’s wanted by those creating the guidelines, only through discussion will we learn. And without a discussion on a hot topic, nothing happens. Discussion does produce consistency.

About me:                                                                                                                                            I became a judge in 2005, that was when Champions of Kamigawa Block Sealed consisted of only Champions of Kamigawa cards. In 2007, I judged my first GP (Lorwyn Limited at GP Stuttgart), followed by a not-so-involved-into-judging time of roughly 3-4 years due to university and 2 years service in the German Military Police. During that time, I still kept my judge level with sufficient activity,  but would not be able to keep myself updated with the rules and Policy Guidelines(Procedural Errors are the best errors!) as much. In 2011 to 2012, I started judging more actively again. I judged my second GP (Legacy at GP Ghent) and countless PTQs, GPTs and Regular events. I built my first EDH deck which marked my doom: I had to become a L2 judge at the end of 2012; I took the test at one of the meetings.

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