CR 713. Checklist Cards

  • 713.1 A checklist card is a game supplement that can be used to represent a double-faced card or meld card.
  • 713.2 A checklist card has a normal Magic card back. The face of a checklist card is divided into sections. Each section lists the name and mana cost of each double-faced card or meld card it could represent and includes a fill-in circle. Before a checklist card can be used, exactly one of the fill-in circles must be marked to denote which card the checklist card represents.
  • 713.3 If a checklist card is used in a deck, the card it represents is set aside prior to the beginning of the game (see rule 103.1a) and must remain available throughout the game. A checklist card can’t be included in a deck unless it is representing a double-faced card or a meld card.
  • 713.4 For all game purposes, the checklist card is considered to be the card it’s representing.
  • 713.5 If the checklist card is face up in a public zone, it should be set aside and the double-faced card or meld card that it represents should be used instead.