CR 806. Free-for-All Variant

  • 806.1 In Free-for-All multiplayer games, a group of players compete as individuals against each other.
  • 806.2 Any multiplayer options used are determined before play begins. The Free-for-All variant uses the following default options.
    • 806.2a The limited range of influence option usually isn’t used in Free-for-All games. If it is, each player has the same range of influence, which is determined before play begins. See rule 801, “Limited Range of Influence Option.”
    • 806.2b Exactly one of the attack left, attack right, and attack multiple players options must be used. See rule 803, “Attack Left and Attack Right Options,” and rule 802, “Attack Multiple Players Option.”
    • 806.2c The deploy creatures option isn’t used in the Free-for-All variant.
  • 806.3 The players are randomly seated around the table.