DTR 1.4 – Participation Eligibility

Anyone is eligible to participate as a player in a DCI-sanctioned digital tournament except for:

  • Individuals currently suspended by the DCI. Players suspended by the DCI cannot be registered in tournaments using Wizards-owned tournament software, and organizers are expected to make a good-faith effort in ensuring suspended players do not compete in sanctioned events should a tournament be run on alternative software. Individuals currently
    suspended from the DCI may not act as tournament officials
  • Other individuals specifically prohibited from participation by Wizards of the Coast policy (such determination is at Wizards of the Coast’s sole discretion)
  • Individuals under the age of 13 cannot participate in any DCI-sanctioned digital tournament, and additional restrictions may apply to individuals under the age of 18 if the digital tournament awards prize money
  • Anyone prohibited by federal, state, or local laws, the rules of the Tournament Organizer, or by a venue’s management
  • Tournament Organizers may choose to further restrict eligibility for any events that they organize. They must clearly indicate this in their marketing for the event as well as any other place they display the event information. (i.e. Tournament Organizers may advertise an age 16 and under Friday Night Magic)

Anyone is eligible to participate as a tournament official (Tournament Organizer, Head Judge, judge/tournament admin or Head Admin) for a tournament except for:

  • Individuals currently suspended by the DCI
  • Anyone who has played in the tournament, unless it is a tournament that explicitly allows tournament officials to play while acting as a tournament official

Tournament officials may play in tournaments in which the official tournament fact sheet specifically permits officials of that tournament to play. This should only happen for more casual events like Prerelease or FNM events.

If tournament officials play in the tournament, and they are not permitted to by the fact sheet, the tournament will be invalidated. Tournament officials are required to officiate tournaments fairly and without regard to their own self-interest.

The owners of organizations that run Premier Events are not permitted to play in those tournaments, even if the owner is not listed as a tournament official (organizer, judge, and/or lead admin) for that tournament.

Some tournaments have additional criteria regarding player and tournament official eligibility (e.g. invitation-only tournaments, such as Players Tour and Players Tour Finals).

The Players Tour Invitation Policy defines specific eligibility rules with regards to certain types of invitation-only Premier Tournaments (e.g. Players Tour and Players Tour Finals).

Individuals with questions regarding their tournament eligibility should contact Wizards of the
Coast by emailing esports@wizards.com.