Detrimental Triggers in Standard

Last Updated April 28, 2017


Baleful Ammit (Enters the Battlefield)

Bloodrage Brawler (Enters the Battlefield)

Channeler Initiate (Enters the Battlefield)

Consuming Fervor (Upkeep)

Crocodile of the Crossing (Enters the Battlefield)

Decimator Beetle (Enters the Battlefield)

Defiant Greatmaw (Enters the Battlefield)

Exemplar of Strength (Enters the Battlefield)

Glorious End (Next End Step)

Glyph Keeper (Symmetrical – Becomes the Target)

Hazoret’s Favor (Delayed Sacrifice Trigger)

Labyrinth Guardian (Becomes the Target)

Ornery Kudu (Enters the Battlefield)

Plague Belcher (Enters the Battlefield)

Soulstinger (Enters the Battlefield)

Aether Revolt

Cogwork Assembler (1st Ability – Delayed Exile Trigger)

Greenbelt Rampager (Enters the Battlefield)

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider (Delayed Exile Trigger)

Salvage Scuttler (Attacks)


Bomat Courier (Attacks)

Ghirapur Orrery (Upkeep – Symmetrical)

Lathnu Hellion (End Step)

Midnight Oil (Discard)

Saheeli Rai (2nd Ability – Delayed Exile Trigger)

Eldritch Moon

Eternal Scourge (Becomes the Target)

Gisa and Geralf (Enters the Battlefield)

Impetuous Devils (End Step)

Laboratory Brute (Enters the Battlefield)

Spell Queller (Leaves the Battlefield)

Stitcher’s Graft (Attacks and Becomes Unattached)

Thirsting Axe (End Step)

Wailing Ghoul (Enters the Battlefield)

Shadows Over Innistrad

Branded Howler (Transform)

Crow of Dark Tidings (Enters the Battlefield or Dies)

Fevered Visions (Trigger on Opponent’s Turn)

Flameheart Werewolf (Transform)

Gatstaf Ravagers (Transform)

Invocation of Saint Traft (Delayed Exile Trigger)

Lambholt Butcher (Transform)

Lone Wolf of the Natterknolls (Transform)

Mindwrack Demon (Enters the Battlefield and Upkeep)

Moonrise Intruder (Transform)

Morkrut Necropod (Attacks or Blocks)

Nahiri, the Harbinger (3rd Ability – Delayed Return Trigger)

Neck Breaker (Transform)

One of the Pack (Transform)

Pale Rider of Trostad (Enters the Battlefield)

Persistent Nightmare (Deals Damage)

Runaway Carriage (Delayed Sacrifice Trigger)

The Gitrog Monster (Upkeep)

Timber Shredder (Transform)

Vildin-Pack Alpha (Transform)

Werewolf of Ancient Hunger (Transform)

Oath of the Gatewatch

Chandra, Flamecaller (1st Ability – Delayed Exile Trigger)

Inverter of Truth (Enters the Battlefield)

Reaver Drone (Upkeep)

Thought-Knot Seer (Leaves the Battlefield)

Battle for Zendikar

Akoum Stonewaker (Delayed Exile Trigger)

Dust Stalker (End Step)

Ob Nixilis Reignited (3rd Ability – Emblem Trigger)

Smothering Abomination (Upkeep)