Standard – Generally Detrimental Triggers

Last Updated 21 January 2019

Below are the Triggered Abilities from Standard Legal Cards that have been deemed Generally Detrimental.

Remember that board state, format, and available card pool are not factors in determining whether a card has a trigger that is Generally Detrimental.


Ravnica Allegiance 

Gateway Plaza – (ETB trigger)

Macabre Mockery – (EOT sacrifice)

Mirror March – (EOT exile)


Guilds of Ravnica

Chance for Glory – (Delayed Triggered Ability at the Extra Turn’s End Step)

Charnel Troll – (Beginning of Upkeep)

Gateway Plaza – (Enters the Battlefield)

Mnemonic Betrayal – (Delayed Triggered Ability at Next End Step)


Magic 2019

Departed Deckhand (Becomes the Target)

Inferno Hellion (End Step)

Phylactery Lich (3rd Ability)

Rupture Spire (Enters the Battlefield)

Stitcher’s Supplier (Enters the Battlefield and Dies)



Lich’s Mastery (4th ability and 5th ability)

Rite of Belzenlok (3rd Chapter – Token’s upkeep)

Skizzik (End Step)

The Flame of Keld (Chapter 1)

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame (Delayed Exile)


Rivals of Ixalan

Baffling End (Leaves the Battlefield)

Captain’s Hook (Becomes Unattached)

Curious Obsession (End Step)

Fathom Fleet Boarder (Enters the Battlefield)

See Red (End Step)

Tilonalli’s Crown (Enters the Battlefield)

Tilonalli’s Summoner (Delayed Exile)



Dowsing Dagger (Enters the Battlefield)

Jace, Cunning Castaway (2nd Ability – Becomes the Target)

Old-Growth Dryads (Enters the Battlefield)

Rampaging Ferocidon (Symmetrical – Creature Enters the Battlefield) *Note this is banned in standard

Storm Sculptor (Enters the Battlefield)

Wanted Scoundrels (Dies)