GP Sydney – 2014

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	GP Sydney

Date:  Aug 22-24, 2014
Format: Sealed Deck

Head Judge

	Jason Lemahieu
Jason Lemahieu Level 5 Wisconsin (USA)


Judge list:

John Alderfer Level 3 Pennsylvania (USA)
Nathan Brewer Level 3 Australia
Matteo Callegari Level 3 Italy
Aaron Hamer Level 3 Hawaii (USA)
Fabian Peck Level 3 Australia
Maykel . Level 2 Indonesia
Sashi Kumar Balakrishnan Level 2 Malaysia
Sean Crain Level 2 Australia
Jason Doan Level 2 Australia
James Dowling Level 2 Australia
Jonathon East Level 2 New Zealand
Adam Eidelsafy Level 2 Michigan (USA)
Liam Fraser-Quick Level 2 Australia
Simon Freiberg Level 2 Australia
Brent George Level 2 Maryland (USA)
Michael Hall Level 2 New Zealand
William Janssen Level 2 Australia
Danesh Jogia Level 2 Australia
Woosuk Lee Level 2 Korea
Yong Ming Lim Level 2 Australia
Matthew Miles-Watson Level 2 New Zealand
Harley Morphett Level 2 Australia
Chin Kai Ong Level 2 Singapore
Eric Papaluca Level 2 Australia
Alan Peng Level 2 New Zealand
Gareth Pye Level 2 Australia
Sean Roffey Level 2 Australia
Raffy Sarto Level 2 Philippines
James Stewart Level 2 New Zealand
Mackenzie Stratford Level 2 Australia
John Tong Level 2 Australia
Chris Worrell Level 2 Australia
Dennis Xiao Level 2 Singapore
Alexandra Stokes Level 1 New Zealand
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