Radical Candor Revisited

The first piece of radically candid feedback I received was: No one knows who the hell you are.

Last Saturday, I presented a seminar on radical candor at the USA-Northeast’s judge conference. Thanks to some heroic efforts from Dan Collins, my talk has been immortalized on YouTube, and you can see it here:

Check it out!

The seminar had three major sections:

  1. Caring personally + challenging directly = radical candor
  2. Characteristics of good guidance
  3. Turning radical candor into everyday candor

Although I’ve touched on elements of these topics in my previous posts on radical candor, preparing this seminar was a great exercise in really organizing my thoughts. They say that you learn by teaching, and that was definitely the case for me as well. I especially enjoyed thinking about how we can take the “radical” out of “radical candor.”

Changing a culture isn’t easy, and it won’t happen overnight. But the more we talk about how to give each other more meaningful feedback and more impactful guidance, the more we share and help each other become more comfortable with being radically candid, the stronger we’ll become.

Learn even more about radical candor at the official Radical Candor website.

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