Going Solo: Strategies for running large events on your own

The following document contains information originally provided by Jared Sylva.

Don’t go in unprepared. If you think it is going to be big, talk to the TO about adding staff.
Identify other Judges in the tournament. We are everywhere…


It is challenging getting everyone enrolled. DCI Reporter or WER, you’ll need DCI numbers. Use a Ten Key entry pad so that the players can enter their own number.

Starting Up

Seat for Round 1 and instruct them to have their decklists ready.
Get everyone’s attention.
Speaking tips – positioning (edge of tournament, speak to the farthest player), vocal placement (chest, support from the diaphragm).
Explain that, as the only Judge, you will be answering all calls and that there may be a delay.
Give attendance, rounds and where you will be posting pairings.
Give one minute to review lists, have the players double check names and write table numbers on lists.

During Rounds

Move around, enter results at the end of each match.
Face computer out so you are not caught behind the counter.
One man Deck Check – Have the lists ready before round starts, check the sideboards, 60 cards in the main deck and sleeves.
Have documents open on the computer for reference – Document Appeal. (I can verify with the documents if you would like.)

Judge Chat – IRC EfNET #mtgrules

Round Turnaround

Enter all slips, then check in with each table before time.
Make sure that everyone goes to end of round procedure.
When you are down to one table, sit on it.
Print two copies of pairings (letter split) and slips, then post while slips print. Announce that pairings are up once you are back to the front.

Don’t be afraid. If you are not sure, check the documents and check with other Judges.