Pocket Quizzes: Learning on the Floor

The following document contains information originally provided by Martha Lufkin.

Slide 1: Pocket Quizzes

Martha Lufkin is a level 2 judge from Rockville, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC).
She has been judging for ten years, mostly in the mid-Atlantic states.
Great tool for team leads, mentors, and downtime on the floor. Ask questions of testing candidates or play “Stump the L3”.

Slide 2: Characteristics

Brief: quiz should fit in between judge calls.
Educational: should illustrate an area of the rules or IPG of interest to new judges.
Pocket-sized: carry it in pocket or phone case so it’s handy when you have a spare moment during the tournament.

Slide 3: Purposes

Build skills: help new judges gain practice and confidence with typical floor calls
Screening: if the quiz covers an area on the test it can give you a sense of how well the candidate will do
Interesting calls: discussion can branch out into corner cases, “what if”

Slide 4: Advantages

No Memorization: a real plus for some learning styles
Mimics floor calls: prepares new judges for typical situations
Easy to develop: grab a handful of commons, look for a theme
Flexible: rotate cards when new sets come out, add advanced situations

Slide 5: Missed Triggers

If you’re reading this at home, Martha describes a judge call involving each card.
Niblis of the Mist: Player A (Amadeus) casts Niblis of the Mist. Then he plays a land and then starts to declare attackers. At this point he realizes he forgot to tap a creature and calls for a judge.

Farbog Boneflinger: Player A (Amber) chooses a target for the -2/-2 ability (Ben’s Ulvenwald Mystics, a 3/3) but by the time they get to the Combat Damage step both players have forgotten about the effect and when the Mystics take a point of damage Ben does not put them in the graveyard. Amber notices this during her second main phase.

Slide 6: Missed Triggers

If you’re reading this at home, Martha describes a judge call involving each card.
Ulvenwald Mystics: Player B (Bob) casts no spells and passes the turn. Player A (Austin) fails to transform the Mystics during his upkeep, draws a card, then notices and calls a judge.
Glint Hawk: Player B (Barb) cast Glint Hawk but forgets to return an artifact to her hand. She passes the turn and Player A (Arnold) draws a card, then notices the problem and calls a judge.

Slide 7: Discuss Missed Triggers Quiz

4 cards: short simple scenarios
Recent sets: easy for new judges to recognize
4 types of triggers: Optional trigger, No visual effect on the game, Has a Default, Non-optional, No Default with visual effect on the game.
One question involved a game rule violation after a trigger was properly resolved and later forgotten.

Slide 8: Build Your Own Pocket Quiz

Other ideas:

  • How combat works
  • Layers
  • Phases and steps of a turn

Slide 9: Sharing Your Pocket Quiz

(No notes.)

Slide 10: Questions, Closing

Finishing touches: add cards that illustrate related rules

Try it out, look for ways to add beginning, intermediate and advanced examples

Thanks for coming.