Effective Communication Between Judges and Players

The following Document contains information originally provided by Michael Arrowsmith

Runtime: approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

Open and Introduction 5 minutes

Group Discussion (examples of good and bad communication) 5 minutes

Subtopic 1: Communication outside tournament play 10 minutes a) Stature b) Generic statements to open lines of communication c) Non-specific encouragements and ribbing

Q/A 5 minutes

Subtopic 2: Communication when responding to a call/issuing a penalty 15 minutes Roleplay 1 a) Arriving attitude b) Stature and tone c) Clear statements of situation and ensuring understanding d) guiding frustration away from yourself

Q/A 5 minutes

Crowd interaction 1 (Bad communication examples) 5 minutes

Subtopic 3: Communication during a potential volatile situation 15 minutes Roleplay 2 a) Taking control of the situation b) Maintaining pleasant demeanor and tone c) Clear communication and understanding of situation to prevent escalation

Q/A 5 minutes

Crowd interaction 2 (Good communication examples) 5 minutes

Wrap-up 5 minutes