Mail the PCs

The goal of the Program Coordinators is to create an environment for the Judge Program to grow, develop, and serve the Magic community. The best tools we have to achieve that goal are the judge projects. We have to identify what is needed and how we can empower the right people to meet those needs. We also provide advice to those people when asked.

8,000 judges can see more than five Program Coordinators. Every judge provides a unique perspective on the needs of the Judge Program. We invite your input on the ways in which the Judge Program can improve to meet the needs of judges all over the world. You can send us your input at

All comments are welcome, we ask you to please keep them constructive and, where possible, to propose solutions to the problems you identify. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. If you aren’t sure if a topic is appropriate for the Program Coordinators, check with your Regional Coordinator first, they should be able to help you determining the right path to follow. Messages to the Program Coordinators are preferred in English, and responses to messages in other languages may be delayed. If you can’t write in English, seek help from your Regional Coordinator.

Thank you very much for your help!