Exemplar Wave 1 recognitions

Here are my 8 Exemplar Program wave 1 recognitions, thanks so much to these 8 exemplary judges!

Thiago Vinicius Santos TradL1, Brazil

Thiago Vinicius Santos Trad
L1, Brazil

Thank you for your hospitality, warmth and welcoming attitude during GP Sao Paulo. You went above and beyond to make me feel like home in Brazil!

Claudio SantosL1, Portugal

Claudio Santos
L1, Portugal

Thank you for contributing to the Portuguese Judge community with your passion, energy, motivation and positive attitude, very specially in difficult times for you. Also thank you for offering your store to run the Portuguese judge conference.

Richard KelterbaumL1, France

Richard Kelterbaum
L1, France

Thank you for your many contributions to the Magic Judges Facebook page, taking pictures of judges at work at many Grand Prix around the world.

Rick SalaminL2, USA

Rick Salamin

Thank you for your work on the Premier Event Staff Lists & Photos project. Your dedication and efficiency in running the project coordinating staff pictures being taken at Grand Prix worldwide is second to none.

Jack DoyleL2, UK

Jack Doyle
L2, UK

Thank you for your outstanding dedication to the Judge Wiki and the Judge Blogs, editing content and helping with setting up new blogs.

Paul BaranayL3, USA

Paul Baranay

Thank you for your outstanding teamwork and general performance as Deck Checks Team Lead at Grand Prix Chicago 2014, implementing the Index system for the first time at a US GP.

Kevin DesprezL5, France

Kevin Desprez
L5, France

Thank you for help at Grand Prix Utrecht solving the problems with the index for the Deck Check team, and offering yourself to fix it on the spot. Thank you for your advice and mentoring through the years, being both stern and supportive as necessary.

Joel KrebsL3, Switzerland

Joel Krebs
L3, Switzerland

Thank you for your titanic efforts in developing the Magic Judge blog network and portal. Thank you for sharing your ideas and knowledge, and for the insight and wise advice during the development of these projects.

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