Exemplar Wave 7 recognitions

Here are my Exemplar Wave 7 recognitions. Thank you all!

Tom KuncL1, Australia

Tom Kunc
L1, Australia

Thank you Tom for your work on developing the Secondary Region support on JudgeApps. This was something I’ve wished I had for a long time, and you’ve made it become true!

Eleonora WindlerL1, Switzerland

Eleonora Windler
L1, Switzerland

You showed great initiative by contacting me directly to offer your help in correcting the German translation for the DQ process page, and on top of that your responsiveness to deliver results was impressive. Thanks so much!

Steffen BaumgartL2, Germany

Steffen Baumgart
L2, Germany

Thank you Steffen for yet once again deliver top quality design and innovative technical solutions to help the Judge Blog network be a better tool for the community. Thanks so much!

Jose TamargoL2, Spain

Jose Tamargo
L2, Spain

Gracias Jose por tu trabajo en el proyecto de Graphic Design Gang. Sigo admirando tu atención al detalle y tu continuo espíritu de trabajo en equipo. Es todo un privilegio contar con la ayuda de alguien con tanto talento para el diseño como tú. Moltes gràcies, senyor!

Sebastian PękalaL3, Poland

Sebastian Pękala
L3, Poland

Thank you Sebastian for your work on the L3 Advancements promotion project. You have been an excellent partner in crime all along, and this time I’d like to recognize you for your excellent email to the RCs asking for feedback on the purpose and direction of our project. Keep it up, and thank you!

Daniel KitachewskyL3, France

Daniel Kitachewsky
L3, France

Daniel, you’re one of the few judges holding an advanced role that actively puts efforts in making the Official Resources site a success. You consistently prove how much you care, and seeing that motivates me so much to keep contributing. Seeing you showing interest the way you do makes a difference to me. Thanks!

Milorad PavlovićL2, Serbia

Milorad Pavlović
L2, Serbia

Thank you Milorad for your ongoing work in setting up a regional project for Serbian translations. In particular thank you for the translation of DQ documents, a very much needed resource for judges and players in the Balkans.

Federico DonnerL3, Uruguay

Federico Donner
L3, Uruguay

Gracias Fede por tu ayuda con el diseño y la programación del juego de comunidad para la conferencia de jueces en Dubai. No es sólo el inmenso talento que siempre muestras tener, es también la rapidez de respuesta cuando alguien te pide ayuda. Muchas gracias!

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