Exemplar Wave 9 recognitions

Here are my Exemplar Wave 9 recognitions. Thank you all!

Isaac KingL1, Florida (USA)

Isaac King
L1, Florida (USA)

Thank you Isaac for approaching us with ideas on improving the use of tags on the judge blog network. We appreciate very much your ideas and are very happy to accept feedback on how can we improve what we do in the Social Media and Web Platforms Sphere, and this recognition is for you taking the time in discussing this topic with us. Thanks!

David GutešaL2, Serbia

David Guteša
L2, Serbia

Thanks so much for the amazingly detailed plan to redesign the regional judge conference strategy for the Europe-East region. You have applied critical and outside of the box thinking to find solutions to the region’s problems, and the solutions you proposed are absolutely on point. You have found something you’re passionate about, and have managed to improve on your delivery of results and on your communication with others. As we have spoken many times, it’s all about finding what drives and motivates us. Keep the awesome stuff coming!

Olivier GheysenL2, Belgium/UAE

Olivier Gheysen
L2, Belgium/UAE

Thanks Olivier for your efforts in helping the Middle East judge community improve their judging skills. In this occasion I’d like to recognize your efforts with the rules and policy Q&A sessions in our local discussion group. Given how isolated is our local community this is of tremendous help for them to improve and learn more about judging!

Jose TamargoL2, Spain

Jose Tamargo
L2, Spain

Gràcies Jose per les teves esforços en ajudar amb el disseny gràfic dels blogs de jutges. En particular gràcies per dissenyar el mapa de Sud-amèrica, dividint l’antiga regió de LatAm Spanish en dos. Així mateix gràcies per tot el que fas dissenyant headers i thumbnails per a molts altres blocs. A seguir treballant!

Paul BaranayL3, New York (USA)

Paul Baranay
L3, New York (USA)

Bearz, I love the way you and your team keep relentlessly making progress in developing the JudgeApps platform. There are frequent updates and improvements to the site, providing users with new functionalities. Recently I have been very pleased to see implemented two feature requests, such as the multi region access and the email user search. Please keep the awesomeness coming!

Toby ElliottL3, Massachusetts (USA)

Toby Elliott
L3, Massachusetts (USA)

Thank you Toby for your efforts in communicating on policy changes on your blog. I have noticed recently how much you have improved in the way you communicate with others, you have taken the style you write in to the next level using expansion-themed stories and puns, that not only are very cool, but that also makes reading about policy less scary, less impersonal, less technical and less scary. Thanks so much!

Johanna VirtanenL3, Finland

Johanna Virtanen
L3, Finland

Johanna, I am giving you this recognition for starting a thread with kitten pictures on the Facebook L3 group. OK, stay with me for a bit, it will somehow make sense at the end. It was one of those times where people are not happy, when we had multiple ugly forum threads ongoing where people are being unpleasant to each other, and when nastiness was just piling on. Your light-hearted approach made people feel better about these threads. Your quiet leadership style once again shined and you were able to bring us together and, once again, you showed us how kindness goes a long way. Thanks for bringing us a glimmer of happiness in times of distress and hardship, the Judge Program is a better place with you in it.