MagicFest Chiba 2019

This weekend in Chiba, we have 2 new judges to Welcome to the Fold!

Takashi Tagai

  • Name: Takashi Tagai
  • Pronouns He/him/his
  • Level: Level 1
  • Location: Yokohama, Japan
  • Region: Japan
  • Approximate date/month/year you started playing Magic: 2010/08
  • L1 Certification Date: September 22, 2018
  • Favorite thing (e.g., card, deck, group of people) about Magic: Combo
  • Occupation: SE
  • Why did you become a judge?: There was no judge in my community.
  • What excites you most about this event?: Success of the event by my role.
  • What worries you most about this event?: Fatigue through two days.
  • What are you hoping to learn at this event?: Ambience of large events
  • Who are your mentors?: Keigo , Oosumi
  • What challenges have you faced or are you facing to become a better judge?: Decide Accurately and quickly
  • How have you worked to overcome those challenges?: Read the rule. Shadowing other judges.
  • What is the best part about your local Magic community?: Play outside of Magic.
  • What is your favorite Magic memory?: I won at PWC365th ,and sent out Aristocrats act2.

takumi iriki

  • Name: takumi iriki
  • Level: Level 1
  • Location: chiba, Japan
  • Region: Japan