Report from GP Lille 2018

Hi everyone !

I am Jean-François, the judge in charge of the Judge Booth Project. Today, Sophie and Christophe share their experience at GP Lille which hosted a Judge Booth :

Sophie Pagès

Sophie Pagès

In GP Lille, we organised a community stand for players and judges. I asked to judges not staffed who were interested to help, and I received more than 10 volunteers, interested in different things for the day.

We set up different stands, for players, for any judge, and some more specific for the french community.

The stand for players included the judge booth, that we had in numerical version, but also with some real card that a judge prepared.

Mmmmh, how does this puzzle work ?

Players could answer rules questions in recent format, and challenge themselves in rules. They could also try to resolve some challenges “Can you win this turn”, which is a great activity to entertain them between rounds. in the end, they could leave with little card with turn structure resume, or try the level 1 test if they were living in a remote region. We had candidates passing, helped by level 2s that were learning how to handle a level 1 interview.

Judges, on the other hand, could improve their investigation skills, trying to solve the counting card challenges. were always available, and we had our volunteers ready to explain and tutor them if needed.

Could you solve this puzzle ?

Finally, I gave interviews to judges that needed to have information about their career of judge, or any program question they could have. French judges could also take their Rules Lawyer, or their judge Polo that we had here for the very first time.

All in all, it was a great day, full of encounter, we had a stand full of players all day long, judges went to see us and try challenges, or just passed to give an hand when they could.

Christophe Le Gall

Christophe Le Gall

GP Lille just happens between 26th and 28th of October, 2018, with 1300+ players in the Standard main event and simultaneous side events with hundreds of additional players.

During this huge event,L3 French judge Sophie Pages hold a judge booth. This stand consists in animations dedicated to players, and judges available for tests, reviews or certification. To assume this task, she was helped by other judges, most of them L1 from France, some still uncertified. This was an opportunity for players to test their skills on “Can you win this Turn” puzzles from the website possibilitystorm […].

It seems it was fun there !

Players who can find the unique solution may win special guild token made by one of the judge animating this booth. We can estimate the numbers of players puzzling around 100 during the whole Sunday. During the same time, there was puzzle for judges, to test their counting skills with a determined game situation. Two judges were also available to reviews and certificate others judges, from L0 to L1 and L1 to L2. This was also the place to pick up their Judge – France polo shirt and other products.

This new kind of animation build a bridge between players and judges, and offers a moment of conviviality to casual and competitive players. A good initiative to reproduce again !

Thanks to both of you ! I have no doubt it was great ! And do not forget, if you want to challenge yourself, visit the Judge Booth website !