Class 1 – Questions

Last updated: 02 August 2017

Downloadable PDF file available HERE

1.­ During a game, Aurora moves to combat phase, and during declaring attackers step don’t declare any attackers. How many steps this phase will have?

2.­ In which phases and steps players receive priority?

3.­ When are the “at the beginning of end step phase” abilities triggered? And the ones that state “at the end of turn”?

4.­ If I don’t want to attack, how many phases my turn will have?

5.­ What is the first thing happening during declare blockers step?

6.­ I’m attacking with a 5/5 creature and my opponent blocks it with a 1/1, a 1/5, and a 3/3. When are the blockers ordered? Who does it? When the damage is assigned?

7.­ Antioco is attacking me and I have a creature with Flash that I want to use to block. When is the last moment that I can cast my creature to block with it?

8.­ I have a Thoughtseize in my hand and I want to remove the last card that my opponent has in his/her hand before draws a card. During draw step, before drawing a card, I cast Quicken and then Thoughtseize, but my opponent don’t agree with my actions. Who is right?

9.­ During damage step, which actions or decisions a player has to take, and which one may take optionally?

10.­ When a creature stops being attacker? And being blocker?

11.­ My opponent blocks my 5/3 with his 3/3. I cast a Lightning Bolt on his creature, and in response he regenerates his creature. How much damage my opponent receives? Why? What happens exactly?

12.­ What happens in the clean step?

13.­ What are the State-based Actions? They use the stack? They happens before or after the players receive priority?

14.- If a player adds mana to his/her mana pool during the upkeep, in which moment the unused mana leaves his/her mana pool?

15.- What phases and steps has a normal turn?, which ones are?

16.- Aaron has a Grizzly Bears and declares them as attacking creature. Nancy wants to tap the Bears with her Tumble Magnet to avoid being attacked. Can she do it?

17.- Amanda controls a Mogg Flunkies enchanted with Bloodshed Fever, and a Grizzly Bears. Which are all the attackers declarations that Amanda has available to do?

18.- Players, receives priority between the damage is assigned and dealt?

19.- Name three state-based actions that happens during combat.