Class 3 – Answers

Last updated: 02 August 2017

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  1. Antonio copies with his Vesuva a Mutavault enchanted with Spreading Seas, what is it the Vesuva?

The copy effect only consider the copyable object characteristics: ergo, printed text and abilities acquired by other copy effects. The Spreading Seas type change isn’t a copyable characteristic; so, Vesuva will be to all effects a Mutavault.


  1. I cast a Fireball with X=3 and one single target. My opponent cast Reverberate copying it. How much damage the copy will do? Can he choose 2 targets for the copy?

Reverberate copies the Fireball information, and takes the value of X=3, since it’s the value that X has while is cast, so it will do 3 points of damage.

However, even that we can choose new targets, the copied spell had only one, so the copy created with Reverberate will have also only one; “you may choose new targets for the copy” refers to which one, but doesn’t allow to change the quantity already specified.


  1. Alvaro has already cast 3 spells and then cast Grapeshot. Nuria cast Reverberate copying Grapeshot. How much damage Nuria will do?

1 point of damage only, because Storm is an ability that trigger when the spell which depends is cast, but a copy is never considered cast.


  1. Ana cast Phantasmal Image copying an animated Mutavault. What is it the Image?

Copies read the original card text, modified only by other copy effects, status, and abilities like “as enter the battlefield…”, then the Phantasmal Image will be to all effects a Mutavault.


  1. I cast a Clone copying an Augur of Bolas. Is his ability triggered?

Of course, it triggers, because Clone enters the battlefield being an Augur copy.


  1. Can I cast a Clone and choose to copy an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn?

Yes, because none of the “defenses” that offer the ability of Protection from Emrakul, will avoid from being an object to be copied by the Clone, because isn’t the same to target something and choose something as happens with the Clone.


  1. Norberto cast a Cryptic Command choosing to counter one of my spells and draw a card. I cast a Reverberate copying the Cryptic. What modes can I choose? What targets?

Reverberate allows to choose different targets than the copied spell had, when is copied the original modes are kept, so the copy will be useful to counter a spell and draw a card.

  1. Name the copyable values that a permanent has.

The copyable values are those derived from the card printed text: Name, Mana cost, Color indicator (if there’s any), Type, Supertype, Subtype, Rules text, Power, Toughness, and Loyalty. Also the effects acquired by another copy effect, as the ability that gives the copy effect from Phantasmal Image, which is being targeted by any spell or ability must be sacrificed.


  1. What steps are created if creature with First Strike attacks? And a creature with Double Strike?

Both cases, a second Combat damage step is created.


  1. If I attack with a creature with Double Strike and then lose that ability after doing damage in the first damage step, it will do any damage in the second step?

In the second Combat damage step will not do any damage, because in that moment doesn’t have Double strike, and don’t fulfill that in the first Combat damage step doesn’t had First Strike or Double Strike, requirement to assign damage during that step.


  1. If I attack with a 3/3 creature with Deathtouch and is blocked by three 2/2 creatures. How can I assign the damage done? What if the first creature blocking is indestructible?

You can assign it as you want; the only condition is as minimum you have to assign lethal damage to each creature, before assign damage to the next. This doesn’t take in account possible prevention damage effects or other abilities (like indestructible).

In this case, 1 point of damage is lethal, so you would:

– Assign 1 point of damage to each one

– Assign 1 point of damage to the first creature and 2 to the second

– Assign 2 points of damage to the first creature and 1 to the second

– Assign 3 points of damage to the first creature


  1. If I attack with a 4/4 creature with Deathtouch and Trample and is blocked by a 6/6 creature. How can I assign the damage done?

You can assign from 1 to 4 points of damage to the blocking creature, and the rest to the opponent, since the creature has Deathtouch, one point is enough to be considered as lethal damage to the blocker.


  1. If I block a 4/4 creature with Deathtouch using a 2/2 creature, how many times I have to regenerate my creature to save it?

One. Here we would have two state-based actions that try to destroy the creature: marked damage equal or greater than the creature toughness, or damage from a source with Deathtouch since the last time that state-based actions were checked.

Regeneration replace all the simultaneous destruction attempts. So, regenerating it once, we remove the marked damage, we tap it, and we remove it from combat instead of destroying it.

  1. If I give to my Cunning Sparkmage the Deathtouch ability, it will kill the creature that he does 1 damage? If in response is killed?

Yes, it will kill it, because the Deathtouch ability affects to every way of damage that it does. The state-based actions will check that has been dealt damage by a source with Deathtouch and will destroy it.

Even if the Sparkmage is killed in response, when the ability resolves, that last known information will be used about the source of that ability to check if has deathtouch.


  1. What means “protection against creatures”? If my creature has “protection against creatures”, can I use the Bloodrush ability of another creature on it?

Protection from means that cannot be target of spells or abilities that came from sources against the ones which has such protection, damage from that sources is prevented, cannot be blocked by creatures that it has protection from, cannot be enchanted/equipped/fortified with objects against it has protection from, and the attached objects to a creature with protection from them will be unattached as a state effect.

This, applied to protection from creatures mean, cannot be targeted by creature abilities, blocked by creatures, and damage dealt by a creature will be prevented.

The Bloodrush ability from a creature cannot target a creature with protection from creatures, because the source has the creature type. This is a single exception from Protection: it applies to cards also, not just to permanents.


  1. If I control a creature enchanted with a white aura and gains “protection against white”, what will happen?

The aura will be put in the graveyard as state-based action.


  1. If I attack with a 3/3 creature with trample and is blocked by a 2/2 with 1 damage marked on it, what combat damage assign can I do?

Lethal damage must be done to the blocking creature before assign damage to defending player. As the 2/2 has already 1 marked damage, with one damage will be enough to assign lethal damage. Considering this, the possible damage assigns are:

– 1 damage to the creature, 2 to the player

– 2 damage to the creature, 1 to the player

– 3 damage to the creature


  1. If my 5/5 creature with Lifelink is blocked by a 1/1 creature, how much life I gain? What if before the combat damage is assigned the blocker is destroyed?

The creature deal 5 points of damage to the 1/1 and these will be marked on it. When the 5 damage are done, the lifelink make you gain 5 lifes. It doesn’t matter that with only 1 point of damage is enough to kill the blocking creature, all 5 damages will be done.

In case after blocking, before the damage combat step, the blocking creature dies, no damage will be done, so no life will be gained.

Creature damage don’t depend in how much damage is able to fit in other creatures that are being damaged, but the power that it have. After this SBA will be checked and they’ll see a creature with 1 toughness and 5 damages marked on it, and will be destroyed.


  1. If I’m currently at 3 lives, I’m attacked by two 3/3 creatures, and I block one of them with a 1/1 creature with Lifelink, will I lose the game?

No, because the gain and loss of life is simultaneous, and when combat damage is resolved I will be at 1 life.


  1. Arnold cast Empty the Warrens, the first spell casted this turn, and Nancy use a Twincast to make a copy of Empty the Warrens, could Arnold use a Mana Leak to counter the empty the Warrens copy?

A spell created due to a copy effect isn’t considered to be cast, but is a spell on the stack in any case, so Mana Leak can be used against it while is in the stack.