Class 3 – Questions

Last updated: 02 August 2017

Downloadable PDF file available HERE

  1. Antonio copies with his Vesuva a Mutavault enchanted with Spreading Seas, what is it the Vesuva?
  2. I cast a Fireball with X=3 and one single target. My opponent cast Reverberate copying it. How much damage the copy will do? Can he choose 2 targets for the copy?
  3. Alvaro has already cast 3 spells and then cast Grapeshot. Nuria cast Reverberate copying Grapeshot. How much damage Nuria will do?
  4. Ana cast Phantasmal Image copying an animated Mutavault. What is it the Image?
  5. I cast a Clone copying an Augur of Bolas. Is his ability triggered?
  6. Can I cast a Clone and choose to copy an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn?
  7. Norberto cast a Cryptic Command choosing to counter one of my spells and draw a card. I cast a Reverberate copying the Cryptic. What modes can I choose? What targets?
  8. Name the copyable values that a permanent has.
  9. What steps are created if creature with First Strike attacks? And a creature with Double Strike?
  10. If I attack with a creature with Double Strike and then lose that ability after doing damage in the first damage step, it will do any damage in the second step?
  11. If I attack with a 3/3 creature with Deathtouch and is blocked by three 2/2 creatures. How can I assign the damage done? What if the first creature blocking is indestructible?
  12. If I attack with a 4/4 creature with Deathtouch and Trample and is blocked by a 6/6 creature. How can I assign the damage done?
  13. If I block a 4/4 creature with Deathtouch using a 2/2 creature, how many times I have to regenerate my creature to save it?
  14. If I give to my Cunning Sparkmage the Deathtouch ability, it will kill the creature that he does 1 damage? If in response is killed?
  15. What means “protection against creatures”? If my creature has “protection against creatures”, can I use the Bloodrush ability of another creature on it?
  16. If I control a creature enchanted with a white aura and gains “protection against white”, what will happen?
  17. If I attack with a 3/3 creature with trample and is blocked by a 2/2 with 1 damage marked on it, what combat damage assign can I do?
  18. If my 5/5 creature with Lifelink is blocked by a 1/1 creature, how much life I gain? What if before the combat damage is assigned the blocker is destroyed?
  19. If I’m currently at 3 lives, I’m attacked by two 3/3 creatures, and I block one of them with a 1/1 creature with Lifelink, will I lose the game?
  20. Arnold cast Empty the Warrens, the first spell casted this turn, and Nancy use a Twincast to make a copy of Empty the Warrens, could Arnold use a Mana Leak to counter the empty the Warrens copy?