Class 5 – Questions

Last updated: 02 August 2017

Downloadable PDF file available HERE

  1. How many steps must be followed to cast a spell? Which are those steps?
  2. In what order are the costs paid?
  3. If I want to cast a spell with Flashback, what steps are affected by Flashback?
  4. If I cast a Wild Swing, can I choose the same creature three times?
  5. If I cast Rain of Thorns, can I choose an artifact land two times as target?
  1. When I choose if I Kicker or not a Goblin Ruinblaster?
  2. If I cast an Arc Lightning making target two Phantasmal Bear and my opponent, how much damage my opponent receive? And why?
  3. If I cast a Common bond, can I put the two counters to the same creature? Can I put a counter to an opponent creature?
  4. There is any difference between casting a Hail of Arrows and a Fireball?
  5. Alberto activate his Temporal Aperture and reveals from the top of his library a Mulldrifter. Can he Evoke the Mulldrifter? And if he does, does he have to pay the evoke cost?
  6. Adelaida controls a Maro in the battlefield and in her hand has a Momentous Fall. Does she can cast her Fall and sacrifice her Maro? If she can do it, how many cards would she draw and how many lives would she win?
  7. Arnold controls a Bloodshot Cyclops equipped with a Sword of the Paruns. If he activates the ability of the Cyclops sacrificing itself and targeting Nancy, how much damage will she receive?
  8. Andrea only have a Mountain in the battlefield. Does she can cast a Raze to destroy his/her opponent Mutavault?
  9. I cast Fling, sacrificing a Tarmogoyf (with only sorcery and land in the graveyards), on an opponent Nessian Courser. Will the creature die? What will happen if Tarmogoyf has a Basilisk Collar equipped?
  10. Artemisa controls a Molten-Tail Masticore and an Ashnod’s Altar. Does Artemisa can sacrifice her Masticore to help the first ability payment? If she can, does she can exile the Masticore from her graveyard to pay the activated ability?
  11. Antonio controls a Chromatic Star, a Great Furnace, and a Tree of Tales. Does he can cast a Thoughtcast? Why? Or why not?
  12. I have in the battlefield a Wall of Roots with 4 counters and four Forests. What is the maximum value of the X when I cast a Chord of Calling with these resources?
  13. How many creatures or players as target can choose a player who cast a Violent Eruption?
  14. How is the total cost of a spell determined? This affect the Converted Mana Cost of the Spell?