Class 7 – Questions

Last updated: 02 August 2017

Downloadable PDF file available HERE

  1. What is it a triggered ability? How do you recognize it?
  2. When do the triggered abilities trigger? When do they enter the stack?
  3. What is it a state triggered ability?
  4. What is it a “zone change” triggered ability? And, what about a “leave the battlefield” one? A “entering the battlefield one”? Where each one are triggered from?
  5. Alfredo controls a Mayor of Avabruck and Norberto controls a Huntmaster of the Fells, none of them transformed yet. During his last turn, Norberto didn’t cast any spell and during Alfredo’s upkeep the abilities trigger. What will happen?
  6. Norman controls an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, and August cast Eternal Witness. Does he can return with the triggered ability the same Witness?
  7. My opponent send an Emrakul to his/her graveyard, do I can avoid that he/her shuffle it with the graveyard using my Deathrite Shaman? And, what if a Blightsteel Colossus dies?
  8. I have 4 Mountains and a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in the battlefield. With a Primeval Titan I put two more mountains in the battlefield. Will it trigger the Valakut ability? If it’s triggered, what would happen if in response I destroy one of the mountains that just entered the battlefield? And, if is one of the ones that were already in the battlefield?
  9. I have a Cloudfin Raptor with a +1/+1 counter on it and I cast a Grizzly Bears. In response to Evolve, I cast a Virulent Wound on the Grizzly Bears. What will happen when the Evolve from Raptor resolves?
  10. I have the same Raptor with two counters and I cast an Elite Vanguard having an Honor of the Pure in the battlefield. What will happen with the Evolve?
  11. Alfonso controls only a Phantasmal Bear and cast a Restoration Angel. What will happen? Explain it step by step.
  12. When is triggered the search for lands first ability of Primeval Titan?
  13. I control a Blood Artist and a Kalastria Highborn. Both of them die due to a Pyroclasm. Does any ability trigger? Why?
  14. When is the ability of a Pithing Needle triggered?
  15. Armando has a Yixlid Jailer and cast a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth; Nerea cast a Cancel to counter it. What will happen with Kozilek?
  16. Anton cast a Clone copying an Eternal Witness from his opponent. Don’t have any card in his graveyard. Will the ability from the Witness trigger? What happens with the ability?
  17. I have a creature with an ability that says: When you don’t control any other creature, sacrifice it. Additionally I control three 1/1 creatures that die due to an opponent Pyroclasm. Can I save my creature with a Stifle?
  18. If an ability has a clause of “if intervenient”, when are the trigger conditions verified? The trigger conditions of optional skills like “you can”, are they always triggered?
  19. Adam cast Sharuum the Hegemon and choose to return a Sculpting Steel with Sharuum entering the battlefield ability. If Adam doesn’t have any other artifacts in his graveyard. Which are the legal targets for the entering the battlefield ability of Sculpting Steel (transformed now in a Sharuum)?
  20. Arnold is in 40 lives and controls a Felidar Sovereign. During Arnold’s upkeep, after trigger goes to the stack, Nicodemus cast a Shock, targeting Arnold; in response cast a Healing Salve choosing to gain 3 lifes. What will happen after the Shock resolves?
  21. Anson controls an Astral Slide and Cycles a Secluded Steppe, choosing to exile Nick’s Grizzly Bears. After resolve the spell, Nick cast Erase on Astral Slide. What will happen during end step?