Class 8 – Questions

Last updated: 02 August 2017

Downloadable PDF file available HERE

  1. Antoine controls an untapped Trinisphere and casts a Gatekeeper of Malakir with kicker. How much does Antoine have to pay to cast the Gatekeeper?
  2. Nancy controls a face down Willbender, Agnes casts Sudden Shock targeting the face down creature. Can Nancy turn Willbender face up? If she can, can she change the target of Sudden Shock?
  3. Alex controls a Polukranos, World Eater; he activates its ability paying 4G. Once the ability resolves, Polukranos’ second ability triggers and Alex chooses to deal 1 point of damage to each of two 1/1 Goblin tokens that Noemi controls. How much damage will each token be dealt if Noemi casts a Doom Blade targeting the hydra in response? How much damage is the other token dealt if one of the tokens is sacrificed in response to the triggered ability?
  4. Anson and Arthur are in the same two-headed giant team. Anson controls a Noble Hierarch and Arthur attacks with a Glory Seeker, the only attacking creature. How much damage does the Glory Seeker deal?
  5. Adams casts a Shriekmaw for its evoke cost. When it enters the battlefield and the triggered abilities are in the stack, Nadine casts Dominate targeting Shriekmaw. What happens when the objects in the stack resolve?
  6. Alexander has 4 Forests and 1 Wild Cantor. What is the maximum value for X if Alexander casts Chord of Calling?
  7. Adam casts Sins of the Past targeting Whispers of the Muse. Can he pay the buyback cost of Whispers of the Muse? If he can, how much does he pay and what happens when it resolves?
  8. Ana has a Hallowed Fountain, a Stomping Ground, a Swamp and an Unknown Shores. With an untapped Trinisphere on the battlefield, is it possible to cast Engineered Explosives in such a way that it enters the battlefield with 1 counter?
  9. Can Heather activate the cycling ability of Secluded Steppe while the card is in her graveyard?
  10. Natalie controls an Iona, Shield of Emeria naming red. Can her opponent cast an Akroma, Angel of Fury for its morph cost? Can it be cast normally for its mana cost?
  11. Agatha uses Anathemancer’s unearth ability. Then she casts Restoration Angel targeting Anathemancer. What happens next?
  12. During your first main phase you cast Bring to Light paying 3 white mana, 1 green mana and 1 blue mana. Upon the spell’s resolution, you look for Encircling Fissure, exile it, shuffle your library and cast it. Could you do it for its awaken cost?
  13. During one of your main phases, you cast Abbot of Keral Keep. When its triggered ability resolves, you exile Lightning Berserker. Can you cast it for its dash cost?
  14. You have a Shambling Vent that was previously targeted by Ondu Rising’s awaken ability. Enumerate Shambling Vent’s characteristics before and after activating its second ability.
  15. You control two Sabertooth Outrider. During the declare attackers step, you confirm that both creatures will be attacking so both triggered abilities are placed in the stack. In response to the triggered abilities, your opponent kills one of your creatures with a Go for the Throat. What happens when the abilities resolve?
  16. You control a Shaman of Forgotten Ways, a Honor of the Pure and 3 white 1/1 Spirit token creatures with flying. Your opponent controls 2 Insectile Aberration. You activate the Shaman’s formidable ability during your first main phase. Your opponent casts Cyclonic Rift in response, paying its overload cost, it resolves. What happens when the Shaman’s ability resolves?
  17. You control a Narset Transcendent and a Jace, Telepath Unbound. You activate Narset’s -2 ability so that your next instant or sorcery spell that you cast from your hand has rebound. When the ability resolves, you activate Jace’s -3 ability targeting a Scatter to the Winds in your graveyard. Will Scatter to the Winds gain rebound? Can you cast it for its awaken cost?
  18. You control Kitchen Finks and Birds of Paradise. You cast Abzan Advantage targeting your opponent and declaring that you will bolster 1 the Birds of Paradise. Your opponent activates Anaba Shaman’s ability targeting Birds of Paradise in response, dealing lethal damage. Can you bolster Kitchen Finks?
  19. You cast Bloodbraid Elf. When you are resolving its cascade, the first nonland card that costs less than the elf after exiling 5 cards, is an instant card that you don’t want to cast. What happens?
  20. Albert declares that he attacks with an Inkmoth Nexus, which has become a creature during his first main phase, and he also attacks with a Blackcleave Goblin. Nigel casts Chord of Calling with X=2 and as he resolves the spell, he reveals a Melira, Sylvok Outcast and puts it on the battlefield. What happens with damage dealt by Inkmoth Nexus and Blackcleave Goblin? What happens if Albert activates Nexus’ ability again?
  21. You control a Zada, Hedron Grinder, two Monastery Swiftspear and one Giant Solifuge. During your first main phase, you cast Titan’s Strength targeting Zada, triggering its ability. How does the stack look like? How will scrying resolve? How many times does prowess triggers?
  22. Antony controls Spellskite and Arcbound Ravager. His opponent casts Electrolyze targeting both creatures. Can Antony activate Spellskite’s ability to redirect both points of damage to Spellskite? Would something change if instead of Electrolyze, his opponents casts Kolaghan’s Command choosing to make 2 points of damage and to destroy an artifact? What if it were Arc Trail?
  23. Abdul controls Slippery Bogle enchanted by 2 Rancor. He casts Ethereal Armor targeting the Bogle. Nashif activates Spellskite’s ability to redirect the Armor in response. What happens?