Legacy JCC Call

One of the biggest challenges in the Legacy Program will be to handle cases that come due to a behavior problem of any of the judges that belong to the Program.

There is a reality and that is that the vast majority of cases that were historically treated by the current JCC team throughout history were due to situations of judges belonging to the regions that will be included within the Judge Academy. Given this, it didn’t make much sense to generate a very complex structure when the number of cases is presumed to be smaller and that as I said at the “Hello World” post, being Judge Academy a transition project, it makes no sense to generate and maintain a huge structure.

It would be very easy for me to assign a single person to be in charge of all the cases but, since the creation of the NNWO, we learned that the structures where a single person can decide on another person will start a tons of bad feelings and was not something we wanted and therefore, one of my goals was to avoid a structure where this situation was a possibility.

Given this scenario, how will the new JCC Legacy Program be managed?

Since I was appointed as Legacy Program Coordinator, I had many conversations with members of the JCC, other PCs and different program members about the problem of putting together this structure of the JCC team that can help this transition process. After these long discussions, I concluded that a very complex structure would be a great waste of resources and bureaucracy. Something related to the structure was announced but that short announcement needs some detailed clarifications. This will be the new structure of the JCC.

The cases of non-Judge Academy judges who arrive in the mail will be analyzed by the RC of that region and the LPC and both will decide a specific sanction based on the seriousness of the offense. Once the penalty has been decided, the judge or judges involved will be notified. This procedure is expected to be quick.

* Cases that directly affect an RC will be treated by the LPC and another randomly designated RC.
* Cases involved the LPC will be handle directly for the appeal team.

If in any case the judge is not satisfied with the sanction, they can appeal the case to a group of judges, who will make up the JCC appeals group formed by a group of people who will analyze the case and give their final decision on the topic. Because this process have more people involved, it is possible that the outcome of the appeal will take more time to be announced.

It is here that I am presented with the situation of not having a group that acts as a JCC appeal. For your information, the current JCC group will conclude activities on Oct 1st. That is why I call on all those who want to be part of this new team to complete the following form:

Legacy JCC Form

As there is not much time to generate this team, the window to apply will be open until September 18 and the results will be published shortly thereafter.

I hope that all those who are interested can complete the form and as always, if you have any question, my contact is always open.