What is MOJO?

The Magic Online Judge Open, or MOJO as it is also known, is an annual FREE sealed deck event that is hosted on Magic Online. MOJO is an exclusive event for certified Magic the Gathering Judges worldwide.

A little history:

Magic Online Judge Open
The first MOJO was held in the summer of 2010, and judges from around the world came together and played sealed. They vied for power on the plane of Zendikar, with packs of Rise of Eldrazi.
There were two separate MOJO tournaments that year in an attempt to let more judges play around the world! The first, battling with the Eldrazi, had 178 players in attendance, and when the top eight came to a close, it was John Carlock, from Utah, USA as the champion!

The second event of 2010 attracted 128 planeswalking judges in July! This event was held in a European time zone, which allowed Maxime Famery of France to pull out the victory!

The second MOJO tournament took place in late fall 2011, with judges attending that event battling it out in gloomy Innistrad. Near Halloween, the first 2011 MOJO attracted 311 judges. But after many rounds of battle, it was Steven Geurts, the Elf_Ascetic from Netherlands who championed over Nick Short from the USA!

The second event of the 2011 MOJO let all the souls rest after All Hallow’s Eve in November, attracting 187 judges to the fields of competition! And this day was one where we crowned not only a champion in MTGO, but a champion of judges, L5 MadTownLems, Jason Lemahieu!

The third MOJO, in 2012 kept up the tradition of having two events! This time, the judges battled using the 2013 core set, following the introduction of the Bolas threat! The first had 376 judges heeding the call to play, and with it judges from all over the world! The top 8 was fierce, and in the end it was Tammavit Tasnavites (Art), from Thailand as the champion!

The second event of 2012 pulled a very close 352 judges, and Asia showed its dominance once again, with Hon Ying Lau (Joe) from Hong Kong being at the top of the field!

The fourth and most recent MOJO took place in summer 2013, where the 2013 Core Set provided the planes of battle. A set with a variety of worlds, this MOJO as also the first to be phantom sealed, offering prizes for judges winning matches, not simply the cards they opened. Chandra cheered 470 judges on (while on her quest to find the planeswalker Ramaz), this being the absolute largest MOJO of all time, also being host to a photo contest and winners for MOJO parties and events around the world! This was a MOJO that promoted streaming judges to let players and judges the world over watch their progress throughout the tournament! Finally, after many rounds, the mystery judge AirSuzuki took the title (Judges, if you have information on who AirSuzuki is, we would love to know to give him or her the recognition!)

What will this year’s MOJO bring? Will 2014 have more streaming, or more MOJO parties? What will you, dear judges, do on these THREE weekends with judging friends, to make the MOJO memorable?

Check back on this blog for more details, as more fun events around the MOJO will be announced!