Leadership Council

The Northeast now has a Leadership Council! These folks are going to help our Regional Coordinator drive the region forward. Here is a brief description of the roles for each of these positions:

L2 Testing Lead – This lead will be making sure that everyone with the ability to test people for L2 are working together and are following the same testing standards. They will also be the point of contact for people looking to become L2 themselves.

L1 Testing Lead – This lead will be helping make sure that all of our new L1s are getting all of the information and guidance they need to get their judging going strong. Most of this role will be as the person running the Welcome Wagon which is a program that we’ve had in the Northeast for about three years now that welcomes new judges and also gives them lots of cool information to get started. Part of this role will also be working with L2s to make sure we are maintaining consistent testing standards.

Conference Lead – This lead will be the main point of contact when people want to run any size of conference. They will work closely with the RC to make sure that we’re doing a good job using, but not over-using, our quarterly conference foil allocation.

At-large seat – These people will be around to generally help get things done and also be part of the discussion when we’re working on new things for the region. They will also be the ones responsible making sure that things actually get done when they’re supposed to.

Io Hughto
RC Emeritus

Elliot Raff
L2 Testing Coordinator

Tony Houst
L1 Testing Coordinator

Al Dziewit
Conference Lead

Jeffrey Emery
At-Large Seat

Daniel Jackson
At-Large Seat

Jonah Kellman
At-Large Seat

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