Our mission

Hey everyone, welcome to Planar Bridge!

This is a project for everybody. Our goal is to hear the perspectives of as many judges as we can, and to share that perspective with the folks who can do the most to help. This may be Program Coordinators, Regional Coordinators, Channel Fireball Events staff, Area Captains – anyone who can assist the judge program. The project will be a resource and a bridge, providing a voice for those who don’t have access to one.

The project started at Grand Prix New Jersey, last December, with an all-staff meeting, where judges could ask questions of CFBE staff and discuss concerns they had with the program. It was modeled after the L3 meetings that occur at GPs and was considered a success, since being run at seven Grand Prix this year, with L1s and L2s having discussion about the program and it’s construction.

Topics have ranged from the role of L1s, participation in the selection of RC and PCs, and how mentorship can be approached at GPs, among numerous other topics. We plan to use this blog as a platform to share notes from those meetings, as well as discuss actionable items proposed to help improve those areas over time. We’ve already begun to receive feedback from the program leadership, and we’re going to share that feedback and the progress of the different actions being taken.

We will be continuing to host these meetings at Grand Prix, as well as beginning to host similar meetings at regional conferences.

This is an opportunity for all of us to reach out, to have our voices heard, and to help the judge program grow. Every judge matters.