Grand Prix Baltimore – Take Care of Yourselves

Martha Lufkin, Level 2, Maryland, United States

Martha Lufkin, Level 2, Maryland, United States

Editor’s note: Here we have a parody of “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”, a poem celebrating Christmas. The author polled judges there on how they took care of themselves over a long day, and this was the result. Happy holidays everyone!”

December 13-14, 2014
1235 players, Sealed
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

with apologies to Clement Clark Moore

Twas the night before Grand Prix and in each judge house
There’s a flurry of packing, some starting to grouse.
With compression socks, insoles, and tissues and pills,
With cough drops and band-aids our cases are filled.

The team lead and crew chiefs were ready to scatter
When out on the floor there arose a great clatter.
Did a table collapse or a water main burst?
They ran to investigate fearing the worst.
But no need for worry or panic at all,
Twas a judge and his teammates preparing the hall.
When we rose from our beds and appeared Saturday,
Our tables were numbered we shouted “hooray”.
Abe’s foresight and efforts had saved us some time
And we kept to the schedule with no need to whine.

On Carlos, on Seacat, to a meeting with players,
Explain the new morph rule but don’t mess with layers!

From the top of the stage to the back of the hall,
Take waivers and product, now dash away all!

Watch out for each other, drink water, take breaks,
For eating and resting a happy judge makes.

As our shifts neared their ending our spirits were low,
But our leads cheered us onward “Just two rounds to go!”
It was then I remembered to practice my smiles,
Tell jokes and make bad puns, sort slips into piles.
Have fun, hold a contest, give high fives and more,
Keep spirits aloft as we circle the floor.

And then in a twinkling our shift it was ending,
Out the door with instructions our team leads were sending.
As we readied our backpacks they gave us the news:
“We’ll see you tomorrow, wear comfortable shoes!”

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