Welcome to the Store Events blog!

Hi All,

I’m Fabian Peck, an L3 from Melbourne, Australia. I work as the Magic events coordinator in a store here running events from 8 player drafts up to prereleases with 800+ entries over the weekend.

This blog is going to be aimed at people running store level events; judges, store employees, tournament organisers and anyone else who’s interested. I encourage you to forward this to any local stores who might be interested, if they don’t have a judge on staff they’re unlikely to see this and I’d really like to get this info out to all the TOs operating without much support.
If someone in their store is keen on this kind of stuff perhaps they’re interested in getting certified?

I’m going to assume a basic level of familiarity with Wizards Event Reporter (WER) and try and cover some things people don’t know you can do and tricks for using it effectively.
There’s also going to be various tips and ideas for running events in store, both regular REL events like FNM and competitive ones like Grand Prix Trials.

I’m not going to cover any regular REL policy or judging stuff, there’s already a wonderful blog for that!

A few topics lined up include

  • Backups
  • Preregistration in WER
  • Scorekeeping multiple events simultaneously
  • RTools
  • Two-Headed Giant
  • Hot Keys
  • When and why you need higher level judges
  • Tardiness
  • Some ideas for various prize structures
  • Factors that can influence judge compensation

If you’ve got questions or there’s anything you’d particularly like to hear about send an email to runningstoreevents@gmail.com

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