A quick check of RTR

No guarantees I haven’t missed anything here, but it looks like the detrimental triggers are:

Weird, that’s a white, blue, black, green, gold, hybrid, artifact and a land. Only red doesn’t have exactly one.

Most of these are not recurring triggers, which are the most at-risk for forgetting. Rig is cheap enough that it’ll see play and has a forgettable trigger. The Demon might, but the opponent will quickly point it out. Elocutors will probably need to be watched out for, especially since it’s per source. On the whole, probably pretty quiet batch, though.

Did this quickly, so let me know if you see something you think I might have missed and I’ll update.

5 thoughts on “A quick check of RTR

  1. Why is “When Worldspine Wurm is put into a graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner’s library.” considered detrimental? The card seems more likely to be played in limited than anywhere else at competitive rel. It certainly seems advantageous to get your giant fatty back into your library in limited.

    1. Those clauses are specifically there to prevent the creature from being reanimated. The fact that people have found other uses for it is why Magic is such a cool and challenging game.

  2. RE: Updated Tournament Rules (Sept. 20, 2012) Section 7.3 Paragraph 4:

    The rules state “Players are not considered to own the cards until the tournament finishes or they legally drop” – use of the word ‘own’ directly flies in the face of the oracle term ‘own’ or ‘ownership’. Phrase should be changed to “Cards are not considered property of the player until the tournament finishes or they legally drop”. This way the rules do not directly affect play. As phrased, the current rules should cause technically problems for anything involving control swapping or ‘sliding’, i.e. Restoration Angel, Conjured Currency, etc.
    Just something to consider, for the sake of technical accuracy. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope to see this reconciled soon.


      I don’t assume you write the rules, but your blog is the only place I’ve been able to find information on the rules update that allows feedback of any sort, despite your rules update itself not allowing for comments. Thanks again, and sorry about the bother.

    2. true, it’s using the English term of ownership rather than the game one, but your suggestion makes sense. Will name a note to poke at it for the Gatecrash update. Thanks!

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