Conspiracy Policy Changes – For Players and Judges


Surprise! We normally don’t issue updates for the summer special set, but, well, this one’s really special and required us to make a couple of MTR tweaks.

Obviously, cards with the Conspiracy type aren’t legal in Vintage (and, by extension, Commander) or Legacy, and the lists have been updated to reflect that. Also, it’s been made clear that drafts using Conspiracy aren’t sanctionable (beyond “Casual”). Multiplayer has never been sanctionable, and the use of Conspiracy packs in 1-1 drafts is not recommended.

Since we were going in for that, we took the opportunity to clean up the Electronic Device section a tiny bit. Some wags pointed out that the current policy banned the use of pacemakers, which mostly served as an indication of people who hadn’t read the previous policy (which held the same stance). Now, we’re explicit that it concerns devices that can be used to connect to the outside world or to take notes, and cleaned up some of the language around matches starting. This should not affect how the policy was being implemented much at all.

Enjoy Conspiracy. If you like Commander or draft, you’re probably going to love it.

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Policy Changes – For Players and Judges

  1. At the PT I was told I could not use my camera phone to take a picture of the piece of paper with the draft pod seat #s on it, because the electronic device prohibition started as soon as we entered the “draft space”. I was required to copy it by hand.

    Is this actually the intention of the policy?

    1. I don’t think there’s anything such as a “draft space”, but that’s left to HJ discretion. I’d allow it.

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