GP Kyoto 2016


Kyoto, city that may translate you to the ancient Japan, is the place of a grand prix the second weekend of February. This is GP KYOTO.

In this fabulous city, from Kiyomizu-dera Temple you can walk to Shoren-in Temple, just enjoying tha peace of the temples along the walk. You can stop at Gion quarter and probably have a glance to a Meiko in Shinbashi Dori. Or probably enjoy the Philosopher Path from Ginkaku-ji to Nanzen-ji, being in a very quiet part of Kyoto. You can also appreciate the way of life of the shoguns at Nijo Castle.

Of course, you cannot leave Kyoto without tasting the yakitori or Okonomiyaki. An gyozas, of course. Delicious.

City: Kyoto
Authors: Yoshi Sakai and Hiroshi Itani.
Link: GP Kyoto 2016 Travel Guide

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