2017 Travel Guides – Summary


2017 has ended and I would like to review the GP and PT Travel Guides Project in this year. 2017 has been a year of numbers, hard working and people.

This year, thanks to the collaboration and effort of 72 judges, we have published:

• 7 travel guides in Asia-Pacific georegion
• 13 travel guides in Europe
• 10 travel guides in North America
• 4 travel guides in Latin America

From all these travel guides, I would like to remark four of them. Although all guides are great, because the hard work of many judges is on them, some of them have special marks that make me underline them:

GP Manila Travel Guide: A fresh guide with a different format.
GP Barcelona Travel Guide: A professional layout for a very nice guide.
GP Denver Travel Guide: Any judge may help in the project, the level is not important here.
GP Santiago Travel Guide: Simplicity also helps if everything you need is in the guide.

I would like to thanks the whole team that manages all the volunteers for making all these guides possible. Some of them leave for helping in other projects in the Judge Community. To those who left the project, thanks a lot for your effort: Joe Brooks, Hans Wang, Nicola DiPasquale, Witold Waczynski, Jaspa Stritt.

And we are having new incorporations: QJ Wong and Laura Ellis. With them, the areas distribution are like this:
• Europe: Kepa Arrieta and José Luis Rofa
• Japan: Yoshitoki Sakai and Akira Seno
• Asia-Pacific: QJ Wong
• Latin America: Santiago Prieto
• North America: Laura Ellis and Antonio José Rodríguez.

But there are many people behind all these numbers. I would like to remember all of them:

Sam Hung, Jan Jestříbek, Tomáš Joska, Georges Řehák, Konrad Wieczorek, Patrik Fridland, Zachary Griner, Kirill Sloka, James King, Jessica Rodrigues, Chris Worrell, Jared Mallett, Barnet Mersky, Jorge Rua, Diogo Santos, Gimena Pombo, Albert Queralt, Ferran Jovell, Miquel Ángel Moya, Brian Coval, Joseph Brooks, Hebert Camacho, Marco Rivera, Yoshi Sakai, Akira Seno, Francesco Cinelli, Federico Calò, Alberto Strade, Anna Cotti, Lei Zhou, Rob Romine, Brogan King, Robert Hinrichsen, David Lachance-Poitras, Nicolás Rosa, Alvin Gener, Mark Ian Alloso, Mark Joseph Coquia, Ian Mervin Go, Felix Capule, John Erick Vinalon, Alyssa Chrizelle Miclat, Philip Pena, John Reuben Ferrer, Anders Thiesen, Espen Skarsbø Olsen, Jonas Drieghe, Olivier Wattel, Rodrigo Chiossi, Chris Higashi, Alex Higashi, John Hornberg, Sylvain Boisbourdin, Valentin Fruchart, Leonardo Nogueira, Luca Romano, Scott Marshall, Tomas Sukaitis, Robert McClenahan, Roberto Gonzales, Mark Nemeth, Dagny Cosby, Jérémy Ganivet, Gilles Demarle, Krystal Rose, KC Ku , Joe Lau, Mario Poon, Zhaoben Xu, Gaspar Aziz Quintanilla, Joaquín Pérez and José Luis Morales.

Also the RCs are a key stone in our project, without their help looking for volunteers, this would not be possible.

For 2018, we hope to have more interesting travel guides, that would make your trips to Grand Prix and Pro Tour more enjoyable. If you have any suggestion, or want to collaborate (in the project or in a particular travel guide) you can write to us to mtg.gp.travel.guides@gmail.com.