MF Bilbao 2019


This year, Magic go back to BILBAO, a very nice city in the north coast of Spain. Well known for being a welcoming city with gastronomy as one of its exponent. If you want to mix Magic with a awesome experience trying “txikiteo*” and enjoying pintxos and txacoli. You can also visit the Guggenheim Museum or getting lost in the old city alleys. Thanks to Maxim and Iñigo for updating the last version of this guide.

City: Bilbao
Authors: Maxim Antipov, Ferrán Jovel, Elsa Gara Maqueda and Iñigo Tostón
Link: MF Bilbao 2019 Travel Guide

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* Txikiteo: going with friends to several bars drinking wine, like txakoli (white wine), and eating pintxos for lunch or dinner.