War of the Spark Two-Headed Giant Release Notes

While most cards work pretty straightforward in 2HG there are some quirks, often involving the combat phase or life total changes. Those cards are explained here!

If you’re playing a 2HG prerelease you should also check out the 2HG Hidden Gems that highlights which cards to look out for. For further reading, if you want to know more about 2HG see the 2HG FAQ. If you want to know more about how these cards function in general see the regular release notes.


The golden rule for 2HG is “You” still refers to you alone, not both you and your teammate. Look for the word “you” in the card text, such as “put a +1/+1 counter on an Army you control”, etc.



There are several ways cards refer to opponents in War of the Spark.
We have ‘Your Opponents’….

…or ‘Each Opponent’. Both of these will affect both players on the opposing team.

An Opponent 

Card that say ‘an opponent’ can affect each opponent separately or at the same time.
For example, if both of your opponents attack a planeswalker you control Oath of Kaya will deal 2 damage to each of them and you will gain 4 life. If only one of your opponent’s is attacking a planeswalker you control, Oath of Kaya will deal 2 damage to that player and you will gain 2 life.

Each and damage

Cards that deal damage to each opponent will effectively double the damage.

So for example, Bolas’s Citadel makes the opposing team lose 20 life and Turret Ogre will deal 4 damage to the opposing team.

Tezzeret. Master of the Bridge

Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge will deal twice X to the opposing team, but you still only gain X life.

The Wanderer

When you control The Wanderer and a card that deals damage to you and your teammate (like the previously mentioned Turret Ogre for exmaple) the damage done to you will be prevented. Your teammate will still receive the damage.

Each Player

Cards that say ‘Each player’ will affect all players in the game, so the opposing team and your own team.

Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage

Davriel’s first ability triggers for each opponent separately as appropriate during that player’s team’s upkeep. So if one of the players on the opposing team has one or fewer cards in hand, that players will receive 2 damage. If both players have 1 or fewer cards in hand, they both receive 2 damage for a total of 4, If they both have 2 or more cards in hand, the ability will not do anything.


Proliferate can put counters on any permanent in the game and any player: that includes your teammate and their permanents.


Attackers are declared as a team, but creatures attack one player or a planeswalker.

Raging Kronch and Makeshift Battalion will  both count your teammate’s attacking creatures as well.
Raging Kronch can attack if your teammate has at least on attacking creature even if you don’t have any other.
Makeshift Battalion’s ability will trigger as long as there are two other creatures attacking, it doesn’t matter if you or your teammate controls those creatures.

Trusted Pegasus

You can give one of your teammate’s creatures flying with Trusted Pegasus.

Sarkhan, the Masterless

Sarkhan the Masterless’s ability will only trigger when the opposing team is attacking you or a planeswalker you control. If the opposing team chooses to attack your teammate or a planeswalker they control with a creature, Sarkhan the Masterless will not deal damage to it.

Gideon’s Sacrifice

In Two-Headed Giant combat damage is dealt to the player a creature is attacking. This means that if a creature is declared to be attacking your teammate, you cannot use Gideon’s Sacrifice to redirect this damage to a creature or planeswalker you control.  If a player does not specify who a creature is attacking, the default is that their creatures are attacking the opponent directly in front of them.


When your teammate gains life, it will not trigger your Ajani’s Pridemate or Gideon’s Company.

Target creature (you control)

There are 4 cards that put +1/+1 counters on creatures when they enter the battlefield.
Pollenbright Druid and Iron Bully, can target any creature so you can use them to give your teammate’s creature a boost.
Merfolk Skydiver and Teyo’s Lightshield on the other hand  can only target a creature you control.


A creature with Hexproof, like Wardscale Crocodile, can be targeted by your teammate.

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

If you win the game, your team wins the game.
If you and your teammate both attempt to draw a card from an empty library at the same time, your team will win the game.
This is because Jace creates a replacement effect, replacing you drawing from an empty library with winning the game. Your teammate drawing from an empty library will make them lose the game next time State Based Actions are checked, by which time your team will already have won the game thanks to Jace.

Role reversal

You can exchange control with between any of the players in the game. You can  exchange between you and an opponent, both your opponents or even between your teammate and an opponent.

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