A Message from our Illustrious RC

Jon Goud  L3 Nova Scotia

Jon Goud
L3 Nova Scotia

Welcome to the Canadian M:TG judges official regional blog!

This will be a place for Canadians to share important announcements, their experience judging, and provide some insight and inspiration for their fellow frozen judges 🙂

One of the things you will hear me say often is that Canada is enormous.

The vast physical space between many of us can often leave Canadian judges feeling isolated from each other, and obscure the feeling that we are actually part of one of the largest judge populations in the program (~385 L1+ at last counting).

I believe that one of the most important things we can be doing for each other is finding ways to close the physical gap and find ways to connect and share our ideas and experiences. Meeting up at GPs, conferences, social events, internet forums, and now this blog are opportunities for each of us to participate in something larger than the small collection of stores and judges in our immediate area.

I look forward to hearing each of your stories, and hope we can bridge the gap a little bit more each time!

– Jon

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